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You will need to sign up first to order and purchase. We will privately keep your information for your next purchase(s). You have to provide current and accurate information. Upon signing up, you will receive any updates and news from us. To create an account, simply go to ‘Sign in’ page and fill your data.



We will not make any reservations for your order before you check out. Orders still in shopping bag are not yet purchased. You cannot modify (add and/or change) your order once you have checked out.



You have 24 hours time to make payments after we send the invoice to your registered email before the system automatically cancel the order. We will only process your order if we are able to validate your payment once you have completed the payment and confirm via our web-store. We also have the right not to process your order if the product is out of stock, and if there is system fails/errors. We will refund your payment completely.



Our products pricing are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Any payments should be made in IDR to our Bank account stated only in this web-store.

The prices are adjustable. We have the right not to process your order if the price is already changed. We will refund your payment completely if you have made the payment using the old price.



Payment should only be made to our Bank Account stated in this web-store. You have to confirm via HOLIC-SHOP web-store to confirm your complete payment.

Please note that you have to confirm your payment after you paid your order. We will only process your order if within 24 hours we are able to validate your payment once you confirm via our web-store. You will later receive a confirmation email once we are ready to deliver your order.



We only accepted payments made to this bank account:

Bank BCA, cabang Green Garden, Anita Cynthia H , account no. 253-224-7226



Please refer to related section of this web-store.



The risk of loss of items purchased is pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.



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We try to presents accurately all the information of our contents in this web-store. However some colors may look different between the actual object and the picture because of lighting, camera lens, and phone/computer screen resolution.